Engine Overhaul on the 172, N13461

Engine Overhaul on the 172, N13461

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After 9 long months, we are so excited to have our primary Aircraft back in the Air..!

Our 172, N13461, was in need of an Engine overhaul. The engine was removed and delivered to Premier Aircraft Engines Inc. in Troutdale, Oregon a few days after Christmas 2017. We chose this time as it is the slow time of year for flying due to the weather and the Holidays.

Our expectation was that we would get the newly refurbished engine back in about 90 days. The engine shop was overwhelmed with work and short on staffing and it was almost 6 months before we got our new engine.

The next challenge we faced was finding an experienced mechanic who could assist our members with the installation. As God always does, He provided. Dave Parish, an Instructor in the A & P Program at Portland Community College (P.C.C.) and a former mechanic on the Mission Field with M.A.F. (Mission Aviation Fellowship) heard of our need and offered to help. Parish not only had the experience that we were seeking, but he also knows all of our members that have completed their maintenance training and certification at P.C.C.

Over the next 3 months, not only was the new engine installed but with Parish’s assistance a very comprehensive inspection of the Aircraft was completed from nose to tail. This inspection resulted in numerous repairs and modifications including new flight control cables and an overhaul of the prop just to name a few! The result is a 45 year old Aircraft has been made like new!

After numerous hours invested by Parish, our President, Rick Yeates and our members, the 172 took to the air on September 3, 2018 with Yeates at the controls for the maiden/post-maintenance flight! After 10 hours of engine break-in time, we were so excited to return the 172 to the flight line for all members to fly on September 7, 2018!

A huge thank you to all who helped to return our favorite aircraft to the air! A special thank you to Dave Parish for all of his time and assistance with this project. It would not have been possible without his dedication and time!

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