Peter & Miriam De Winkle
Answering God's call to go into Mission Aviation has been an exciting step for our family. We moved from the family farm in Idaho to enter into a new life of missions. Peter has been studying Aviation Maintenance Technologies as well as flying several days a week. Along with Peter's busy schedule and keeping up with our four kids we will also be starting our Bible classes. We have been enjoying the beautiful hiking spots, gorgeous beaches, and exploring all the new places Oregon has to offer. We are excited to see where God takes us, and thankful for His guidance in our lives up until this point!
Dan Wanvig
God has deeply blessed me. I was raised in a household where He is worshiped and where His word is honored. My prayer is that God will use me in the lives of many other people to show them how they can have the same comfort and peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ and worshiping Him as Savior and Lord. I first decided to use aviation as a tool to do that before I had even entered my teenage years and have since been training to gain the necessary skills to become an effective tool in my Father's hands. I now count it a privilege to be among many other like-minded Christians at Servant Wings who are driven by the same goal of knowing Christ at a deeper level and making Him known.