Servant Wings has various membership options for those that wish to be a part of our vision to prepare mission aviators for field service. Membership is limited to those that are willing to adhere to our policies, can agree with our doctrinal statement, and that desire to contribute to the purpose and vision of Servant Wings.


Candidate member – Those who are less than 2 years away from applying with a Mission Agency.

Pilot member – Those who are more than 2 years away from applying with a Mission Agency or those who are not destined to the Mission Field but wish to have a “Flying Membership” with us to provide support.

All members are encouraged to be at the majority of our monthly meetings, fund raising events, and training seminars. Our goal is to see many more aviators reach the foreign field of service.  Our purpose is to properly prepare them for ministry, flight, and maintenance experience, and to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of cross-cultural ministry, and to be debt free.  Membership participation is critical to our goals.

Membership is $1,000 for Initiation Fee, plus $100 Monthly Fee.

Member Rates for Flight Instruction.
C-152 $65.00 per hour
C-172 $100.00 per hour
C-206 $165.00 per hour



We also work with non-members who are referred to us for Agency Tech Evaluation preparation. Non-Member involvement as volunteers is also strongly encouraged and needed. The Board of Directors reserves the right to waive the initiation fee in lieu of an equivalent commitment of time given to a significant role in Servant Wings.

Non-Member Rates for Flight Instruction
C-152 $78.00 per hour
C-172 $120.00 per hour
C-206 $198.00 per hour

Servant Wings
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